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Tips to help identify and report email abuse.


Helps identify the true source of e-mails, to help identify and report spammers. Analyzes e-mail headers and provides the IP Address of the machine that sent the e-mail.

Fighting Spam Article by OpioN

Basic information on tracking source of spam.

How to Interpret Email Headers

Instructions for interpreting e-mail headers.

JMHO on Spam

Resources for tracing and reporting spam.


Downloadable software to trace the sender of an e-mail and locate the spammer's real web site.


Software tools for tracking spam.

Spam Delenda Est

Steps for tracking spammers and getting their accounts revoked.

Spam Identifier

Tools for identifying the source of spam and reporting it.

Spam Tracking Page

Comprehensive collection of tools to help track spam.


Will help find the sender of a spam and an address to send a complaint to.

SpamFilter: Report Spam Plugin

SpamFilter quickly tracks spam source and easily helps send complaints.

SpamX - Blocking, Tracking and Reporting

Effective software to help block and report the sending of spam. Works with existing POP3 email account(s) and runs on Mac or Windows computers.

The SPAM-L FAQ - Tracking Spam

Instructions for reading e-mail headers and complaining to the spammer's ISP.

What to do about Unwanted/Offensive Email

Explains in detail how to track and complain about spam.

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