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Controversial Spam Bill Takes Step Forward

A bill opponents say would legitimize spam moves forward in the U.S. House.

Cyber Promotions v. Apex Global Information Services

The legal ruling which forced AGIS to provide connectivity to Cyberpromo for 30 days, after which they were cut off from the net

Existing and Emerging Anti-Spam Laws

Current federal and local laws and proposed legislation.

Maryland House Bill 140

Maryland law prohibits a person from using electronic mail for a communication made with intent to harass.

Pending Legislation

A list of the latest anti-spam bills to appear before the United States legislature.

Spam Law Bares Teeth

In what may be the first successful settlement under Washington state's new anti-spam law, a junk emailer was forced to pay a Seattle man today. By Ed Murietta. [Wired News]


A legal resource for recovering from damage caused by spam.

Washington Nabs a Spammer

The state files its first lawsuit against an alleged junk emailer, using a new consumer law aimed at spammers. [Wired News]

Zen and the Art of Small Claims

Tips on suing spammers, junk faxers, and automated telemarketers, by an individual (nonlawyer) who has done this successfully.

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