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Are you a spammer?

Take this quiz to see if you are a spammer.

Bernard Shifman is a Moron Spammer

Details an exchange of emails from a spammer to an anti-spam advocate.

Conversations with a Nigerian Bank Scammer

Karl Mamer, a columnist for the Toronto Sun, explains how the Nigerian bank scam works. And then, because he's bored, attempts to waste the spammers' time.

Fun with Scammers

Humorous extended e-mail exchange between Dr. Abed Solomon (Nigerian Scammer) and Zach.

P. T. Barnstormer's Internet Sideshow

Posts and ridicules humorous spam attempts.

Random Spam Generator

Sentences generated from core data of real spam.

SatireWire | The First Annual Poetry Spam

Poetry written using phrases from spam e-mail

Send Me Some Spam

Satirical song written about spam.

Send Us Spam

The only web site on the planet that wants your spam and other unsolicited, bulk, or junk email.

Solidaridad Con Brian

A famous hoax email translated into many different languages.

Spam Flames

A repository of flammage generated by spammers - generally speaking, their spittle-inflected reaction to being called onto the carpet. Submissions welcome.


Takes spam message and replaces key words with amusing results.

The Adventures of Wendy Willcox and her dog Willis

It shouldn't take too long to get a Nigerian 419 advance fee scam e-mail. Then the goal is to get the spammer to go to the airport, and hotel, as many times as possible.

The Spam Avenger

Offers audio samples of phone calls to spammers and a possibility to buy a CD.

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