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Activator Mail

Virus scanning and spam prevention based on blacklists and user feedback.

Anti Spam Software

"Spam Agent" software offers content based filters for spam filtering in both home and corporate environments.


Filtering solutions for Novell GroupWise and Microsoft Exchange.

Atqui Spam Filter

Filters spam email from current e-mail address of user.

Bob's Spam Filter

How to set up an effective spam filter with procmail.

Brightmail Inc.

Provides advanced technologies and solutions to enhance the capabilities and manageability of e-mail.


ASP-based anti-spam service. No software to install. Mailbox automatically "cleaned" of unwanted email multiple times per hour.


Provides spam-proof email accounts. Only allows email from addresses in whitelist. Charges a fee for others to reach the customer's mailbox.


A free e-mail forwarding and spam filtration service.

Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse

System of clients and servers that collect and count checksums of email messages in order to detect and filter bulk UCE.

Email Filtering

Fully managed service which filters viruses, worms and malicious macros and spam.

E-Mail Magician

Automates filter, mailbox, and nickname creation for Eudora Macintosh. Filters on more than 1,000 spam characteristics.

E-Mail Preference Service

Consumer opt out registration form for the Direct Marketing Association.

Filter Spam

ContentWatch allows you to keep uninvited email and spam out of your inbox with EmailProtect.


Free to individuals. Fights spam by putting a copyrighted haiku in the header that is only licenced (for a fee) to bulk mailers who respect codes of practice. This enables the identification of spam.

Inbox Protector

A Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP and Outlook Express add-in, which scans incoming e-mail, redirecting unwanted junk mail to a separate folder for later inspection.

Mail Circuit

A web-based e-mail provider filtering spam and only allowing messages from trusted senders.


Offers protection against spam, combined with personalization and privacy for individual email users.


E-mail filtering services. Provides spam filtering, anti-virus protection, attachment blocking, policy filtering, store and forwarding service, as well as detailed reporting.

Spam Arrest, LLC

POP3 service that blocks spam using sender verification methods.

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