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Bulk Mailers
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Products include ADV Mass Mailer. A program for Microsoft Outlook 2000 to allow users to send mass mail to the contacts in their contacts folders.


RocketSales is bulk email software which sends and tracks HTML email from a regular desktop PC. It is designed for emailing existing customers and has built-in anti-spam features.

AtomPark Software

Products include Bulk Mailer a desktop program that lets you send an email directly to mail servers. Accepts mailing list in text format.

AY Software Corporation

Products include AY Mail 2. An easy to use bulk mailer with multi-language capabilities.

BuzzSoft Ltd.

Product is SoftBulkEmail a bulk mailer with mail merge.


Products include WorldMerge. Generate personalized email messages using a database of recipients and a template email message.

CovaTron, Inc.

Bulk email software for direct email marketing. Products include CovaContact.

CRM Software Inc

Offers email marketing software. Products include Group Mail and Ex Mailing List Manager.

EasySoftMade, Inc.

Easy to use and powerful mail tools. Products are Easy Mass Mailer, Easy Email Extractor and Easy Email Verifyer.

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd

Products include Advanced Direct Remailer. A bulk mailer with an internal multithreaded SMTP server and database interaction capabilities.

Essen Trojan Bulk Mailer

Sends mails effectively, completely bypassing your ISP's SMTP server.

ETOYI Techonlogy Co., Ltd.

Products include Email Sender Express. Sends bulk email directly to recipients server and bypasses ISP's email server.

Extractor Pro.Com, Inc.

Extractor Pro 8 Opt-In no spam bulk email marketing software.

Fast CRM Group Mail Software Inc.

Offers bulk email software to send customised emails to your customers in high speed.

Flash Find Email

Email address finder is bulk email software for extracting bulk email address and sending bulk email.

Galleon Software

Products include eMerge. Stand-alone application that lets you create an e-mail form letter, customize it for everyone on your mailing list, and deliver it directly to their mail servers.

Gate Comm Software

Products include PostCast. Create contact databases and send personalized e-mail messages using a built-in mail server.

G-Lock Software

Products include EasyMail. Sends customized messages directly to the recipient's mail server and gives instant confirmation of delivery. Drag and Drop support for attachments and voice mail facility.

Information Packaging

Makers of Bmail, a bulk mailer with an opt-in Email List Manager.

Inxnet GmbH

Products include Inxmail a solution for email marketing.

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