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Address Munging Considered Harmful

A paper arguing against the practice of spam-blocking on Usenet by using an altered email address.

Al Iverson's Spamresource.com

Collection of articles written by a former employee of MAPS.

Alleee and Franc's Insolitology

A description of Nigerian scams (also called 419 scams), with images and links.

How Bulk E-mail Can Destroy Your Small Business

An editorial on the negative effects of sending spam.

How the UK Can Stop Spam Without Damaging Free Speech

Suggested non-extraterritorial UK legislation that would stop spam globally.

Information Filtering Resources

Papers about and links to projects about ways of filtering electronic information.

NYTimes.com - 3 Web Sites Closed in Spam Inquiry

Three companies using email to solicit the sale of nonexistent web addresses have been ordered to close their web businesses. [required free NYTimes.com registration to view]

On Spam: Wasting time on the Internet

Bill Gates gives his views on spam.

Onlinecasinonews.com - Internet Casinos are Spammers

What's behind the recent surge in junk e-mail.

Outlook SPAM Tutorial

Tutorial to provide easy way to filter your unwanted junk email in Outlook and Outlook Express.

Slashdot - Distributed Spam Detection

Threaded discussion of spam detection systems and the razor p2p system specifically.

Spam v. Profit

An e-mail marketer argues that ISPs can profit from e-mail marketing if it is done responsibly.

Spam, Lies and Fake Reporters

Describes the tactics of Opt In Inc. and the president of Opt In Inc., Charles "Steve" Hardigree.

Unsolicited Bulk Email: Definitions and Problems

This report discusses the costs of spam.

Why Spam Is Bad

A collection of links to help show Internet marketers why spam is harmful to their business and to provide some alternative means of responsible marketing.

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