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Calendars for the Web

Create HTML table or image map calendars.

CoffeeCup Software

Web design tools include editor, image mapper, style sheet maker.


Editor for Microsoft Windows. Includes syntax highlighting.

Hippie Pro

This editor features a side-by-side view of markup and browser output.


Creates both client-side and server-side image maps.

McWeb Software

Web Weaver editor. Free trial version, FAQ, support forum.

Sausage Software

HotDog Web editors, including Professional and Junior versions. Free trial downloads, forums, tutorials, FAQs.

Web Hotspots

Visual imagemap editors. Includes the simple Imagemapper, and Production Studio for creating Javascript enhanced imagemaps. Examples, feature lists, screenshots

Website Meta Language

A free markup generation toolkit for Unix. News, full documentation, mailing list, examples.

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