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Encryption & Privacy
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ABC CHAOS makes sacurity simple.

Data Security Solutions Encryption Plus

Provides strong encryption for secure email, ftp, messaging, file encryption, software development tools, custom programming.

IDcide Privacy Companion

A free browser add-on that alerts you when you are being watched on the Net. It also shows you who is following you and lets you decide how much personal information to give away.


Macintosh software to utilize anonymous "mixmaster" remailers.

NSClean and IEClean Privacy Software

Cleans up all traces of surfing activity.

Password Recovery and Security Solutions

Password recovery software for Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Zip and more. Security and password management software.

SecureAgent Software

Specializes in secure encryption e-mail, enterprise management, e-commerce and site management.

Software for Anonymous Surfing

Advanced proxy agent operating a database with hundreds of public anonymous proxy servers from all over the world.

Spy Software - Remote Computer Monitoring - Surveillance

Spy software monitors spouses, children, coworkers or anyone. Remote computer monitoring, installation, and web based surveillance with administration.


Software to surf anonymously by removing traces left behind (cache, history) on your computer from web surfing.

Tumbleweed Communications

Provides security and encryption software that filters and blocks dangerous content, including viruses, malicious mobile code and spam, while securing e-mail.

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