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Artificial Intelligence
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AnswerBus Question Answering System

A Web-based open-domain question answering system. It uses technologies in information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing. It accepts natural language questions provides answers in English in seconds.

License Plate and Container Recognition

Hi-Tech Solutions recognition systems. Visit our site & download more info and demos on our LPR and CCI recognition systems.

OFAI Knowledge-Based Systems

Information about the people and projects. Focus is on medical applications.

Project Smiley Canada

An online artificial intelligence which interacts with users. Knowledge is gained through teachers who interact with Smiley via e-mail.

TMYCIN: Medical Reasoning System

Developed by Novak and Causey in 1988, TMYCIN is a medical reasoning system developed at the University of Texas, Austin, using EMYCIN as a model.

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