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2600 Store

Store where you can buy shirts, hats, stickers, and issues of 2600 The Hacker Quarterly.


Hi-tech books, manuals, software. Special projects: computers, internet, electronics, hacking, phreaking, phones, energy, security, survival, financial, medical, paranormal.

Hackers Home Page

Most comprehensive on-line catalog designed for the serious computer hacker, phreaker, cracker, dss/cable tv user, gambler, spy, and electronics enthusiast.

Jinx Hackwear

A store selling many items of hacker clothing.

Mac Hack CD-Rom

Macintosh Hacking Merchandise for Sale.

The Happy Hacker Bookstore

A very good store for books about hacking and internet security.

Think Geek

These people sell a broad range of hacker/geek related products. They sell everything from Jolt cola to Hacking Exposed.

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