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Chips & Bits - Your Source for Games and more!
Chips & Bits is the source for PC, Xbox, Play Station 2, GameCube, Gameboy Advance, Boardgames and Hintbooks.

Mad Catz produces aftermarket peripherals and accessories for the Nintendo Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Sega Dreamcast and the Xbox.

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Amic Games - JigSaw 4000

A fun jigsaw puzzle game for Pc with a huge collection of beautiful jigsaws ( over 450! ) made from awensome photography. All the well known features included. Try the free Demo now!

Chips & Bits Game Store

Your source for games! PC, Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, Boardgames, & Hintbooks


Retails video games, pc games, game accessories.


Sells PC and console games for Nintendo, PlayStation and Sega.

Southpeak Interactive

Overview of a wide variety games for various gaming systems.

Telegames USA

A group of multi-national operations that are involved in all aspects of video games and computer software.


Domestic and imports video games for PlayStation, Saturn, Nintendo 64, PC, and some handhelds.

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