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About.com VPN directory

A smattering of VPN resources including a glossary and a self-test.

Corecom VPN FAQ Page

Geared towards those new to VPN.

How Stuff Works: How Virtual Private Networks Work

Gives definition of VPN and an overview of general VPN topics, includes diagrams and an animation.


Comprehensive collection of VPN guides, FAQs, tutorials and articles. Vendors and products; usage with Linux, NT and Unix; integration with firewalls, and mailing lists.

NW Fusion: Research: VPNs

This is a comprehensive collection of VPN resources and articles.

Tom Dunigan's Virtual Private Networks page

This page describes IP-based VPN technology over the Internet

Virtual Private Network Consortium

VPNC is the international trade association for manufacturers in the VPN market.

VPN labs - research community

VPN labs is an open community for researching, reviewing, and discussing Virtual Private Networks

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