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About.com: Security Issues

A resource providing links to security issues pertaining to the Microsoft NT platform.


DeviceLock lets administrators specify user access permissions for removable devices (ports, floppies, optical disks, etc.) on the local computer.

Microsoft 128-bit PPTP upgrade hints

Provides information on making a PPTP VPN RAS connection more secure.

Microsoft Security

Microsoft's links to technical and how-to information about security for IT professionals, developers and those new to security.

NT Security - Frequently Asked Questions

A FAQ maintained at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology that discusses security related issues and problems with Windows NT.


A mailing list for the discussion of security exploits and security bugs in Windows NT and its applications. Searchable archives, FAQs, patch download. By Russ Cooper.


Provides freeware security tools and information for Windows NT / Windows 2000.

Pedestal Software, LLC

Software for NT security, networking, and systems administration.

Ports Used by Trojans

A table showing examples of existing trojans and ports in current use.


A company that develops security software for Microsoft Windows network environments.

Securing Windows 2000 Checklist

Checklist to ensure Windows 2000 installations are secured properly.

Shavlik Technologies

A company providing Microsoft based security solutions to fortune 500 and medium sized businesses.

STAT: Security Test and Analysis Tool

Vulnerability assessment tool for Windows NT

SystemTools.com, Inc.

Free and commercial administration, utility and security tools for Windows NT / 2000.

Trusted Systems Services, Inc.

Provides Windows NT Security products and publications.

Windows 2000 Security

One-stop gateway to news, information and products for Network Security and Windows 2000. IT professionals will find the information in this site fundamental to the setting up and running of secure, flawless networks.

Windows 2000 Security Services

Information on distributed security, certificate services, encryption, and smart card services features in Windows 2000. By Microsoft.

Windows IT Security

News, reports, dicussions, and articles regarding Windows 2000 productline.

Windows Security Guide

Technical information and resources to secure Windows systems and networks.

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