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Reflex Magnetics

Reflex Data Security -. Comprehensive data security software enforces IT security policy by creating Protected Environments, delivering complete anti-virus protection, PC network access management, system and program security, plus anti-theft encrypted da

Risk Associates

Resources for security risk analysis, security policies, ISO 17799 (or BS7799) and Security Audit


Directory offers a comprehensive collection of shareware PC security and privacy applications.

SafestWare - Computer and Internet Privacy, Online Security and Protection

SafestWare provides online privacy protection, security resources, software and solutions to protect you from the Internet threats.

Sandstorm Enterprises

Products include PhoneSweep, a commercial telephone line scanner, and TCP.demux, a session re-assembler to make sense of captured network traffic.


SecurDesk! security environment. Access control and verification, Protection for sensitive files and folders, Log usage, Customizable desktop environment, Administration, Limit use, more.

Secure Computing Corporation

Developers of such products as SecureWire, Secure Computing Firewall for NT, BorderWare, LOCKout FORTEZZA, etc.

Secure Messaging

Provdes total control and security for your email system plus some additional messaging products.

Security Awareness, Inc.

Security awareness products for all types of organizations, including security brochures, custom screensavers, brochures and computer-based training.

SEM - Security Engineered Machinery Shredders

Shredders for secure document disposal.

Sentry Security Systems Inc. Canada

High quality security cameras, security systems, video capture boards and CCTV camera accessories with remote viewing at great prices.

Silanis Technology Canada

Makers of ApproveIt, an off-the-shelf electronic signature and electronic approval software product that expands upon the concept of digital signatures to allow for the automation of the electronic signing of MS-Office, PDF, JetForm FormFlow, internet/int

Sun Microsystems Security Solutions

Comprehensive security solutions: IP level encryption, firewalls, authentication, and network management.

Symark Software

Provides security and administration software solutions for UNIX and OpenVMS platforms.

Technology Pathways LLC

Technology Pathways LLC was founded to provide superior software tools, consulting and training to the Computer Security community at affordable prices.


Timeproof time signature systems provide a service which furnishes digital data with the official time, counterfeit-proof, unmistakable and verifiable.

Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit

A 2-floppy Linux distribution with multiple security-related tools.

Tropical Software

Security and Privacy products.


A hotfix and service pack security management utility that helps systems administrators keep their hotfixes and service packs up-to-date.

Vindicator Technologies - Security Products

Manufactures industrial, correctional, commercial and military security systems for intrusion detection, perimeter security, access control, asset protection, assessment systems, video surveillance systems, vehicle bomb detection, CCTV, fiber optic, redun

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