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Digital Pathways Services Ltd UK

Providing specialised security products for encryption, risk assessment, intrusion detection, VPN's, and intrusion detection.


Home of Lockout Desktop Security Software, Protection software for windows 95/98.

eSafe Desktop by eAlladin

Content security with protection from malicious mobile code, trojans, worms, VB/JavaScript, viruses, data exposure and inappropriate content using filtering based on keyword, URL, port and protocol.

Global Protective Management.com Canada

Providing Global Security Solutions - GPM has created a unique suite of PC-based security software applications called SecureAssess. The SecureAssess product line takes full advantage of current mobile technologies to provide clients with tools to effecti

Hotfix Reporter

Works with Microsoft Network Security Hotfix Checker (HfNetChk) to scan for security holes, and outputs web pages complete with links to the Microsoft articles and security patches.


Network Security, Firewalls, Cryptography, Anti Virus, Intrusion Detection and much more.

ISS - Internet Security Systems

A pioneer and leading supplier of adaptive security management systems, providing innovative software that enables maximum protection from network security risks.

Kaba (UK) Ltd

Manufacturers of security solutions and access control

Meetinghouse Data Communications

Features outsourcing for internetworking router/switch software, protocol implementation, system architecture and design, and automated tests. Company profile and contact information provided.


Develops integrated security software products for the IT industry.


A security auditing tool with source code available.

Networking Technologies

MailMarshal: an "email firewall" gives you total control concerning email in the enterprise.

Original Programs, Inc.

Company offers, computer and Internet security software, including customized monitoring programs.

Paktronix Systems: Network Security

Design, supply, and implement secure networks. Provide secure border Firewall systems for connecting networks to the Internet or each other. Offer Network Address Translation (NAT), Virtual Private Networking (VPN), with IPSec, and custom port translation

Password Software BySierra

Password Software BySierra. More for locking and keeping up with a workstation then for password management.

Perico AS

Scandinavian supplier of security products including software protection, storage management, secure communications, firewalls and virus protection.


Technology that moves information reliably and securely across disparate computer environments over a company's internal network and over the Internet

Proginet - Secure File Transfer & Password Management

Proginet enterprise solutions. Secure file transfer across multi platforms & the internet. Password Management to reduce helpdesk calls & enhance security

Protocom Development Systems

Specialise in developing network security software for all needs - server management, scheduling tools, console security, network management, login script tools + more.

Rapid Stream

Offers security appliances, firewalls, VPN, all supporting the same set of software features.

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