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WhiteCanyon develops software tools that prevent identity theft. Erase hard drive data, encrypt vital information, recover lost files.

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AccuHash 2.0

Home site of AccuHash 2.0 - the unicode-enabled checksum tool for Windows.

Activator Desk

Internet desktop and browser program for a faster, more secure, Windows and Internet. It may be used for simple child-safe internet filtering, or as an advanced security shield for computers at home or in business networks, preventing tampering and unauth


Adavi's Silent Watch is a computer security software enabling monitoring and surveillance of computer networks and databases from a desktop computer. Ideal for schools, business, government, and any organization with networked computers, Silent Watch prov

AlphaShield Canada

Hardware product used with your DSL or cable modem which disconnects the "always on" connection when the Internet is not in use, and prevent unauthorized access to your computer.

Anyware Technology

Offers EverLink Suite, a cross-platform, client/server software package that provides secure and instant file transfer, email and chat over the internet, intranets and extranets.


Provides a secure and comprehensive solution in dynamic application access control. AppGate main security solution is divided into two products, the AppGate Server and the AppGate Client.

AS/400 Security World

Makers of DetectIT.

Astaro Internet Security

internet security software with firewall, virus protection, content filtering and spam protection.


Leading extranet and VPN managed service provider, helps major corporations manage key business relationships by delivering secure access and identity services.

Bangkok Systems & Software

System & software security. Offices in Thailand and India.

Bardon Data Systems

System Administration and Access Management Tools for Windows. Systems management, access control, PC protection, web browser monitor, security, remote network asset management and troubleshooting.

BindView Development

BindView provides LAN Security and Administration software tools for NT and NetWare.

Callio technologies - BS 7799 / ISO 17799 Canada

Callio Secura 17799 is software that enables companies to comply with the BS 7799/ISO 17799 standard for computer security management.


CenturionSoft offers a series of advanced security utilities for Windows. Some of the award-winning computer security solutions marketed by CenturionSoft: Steganos Security Suite, Steganos, & SAFtyLatch.

Certicom Canada

A new product line that secures sensitive facsimile communications from inadvertent or intentional disclosure + SDKs, Plug-ins, Embedded System Designs, IC Designs, etc.


Supplier of advanced Internet security solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to better leverage and control their investments in Internet and related Information Technology.

CyberSafe Corporation

Modular software security solutions including multi-mechanism authentication and single sign-on, end-to-end access control over TCP/IP communications, and host and network-based intrusion detection.

Cybersoft Computer Security Solutions

Company offering computer security software, including Linux virus protection and Windows virus scan products.

Data Circle

Products include Datapass, Dataware, and Dataguide.


A family of InfoSecurity products offered by an accredited InfoSecurity solutions provider in Singapore that includes VPN solutions and hardware encryptors.

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