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17799 Central

Information, background and resources covering this rapidly developing IT security standard.

A System Security Policy for You

The purpose of this document is to meet the requirements of the GIAC Security Essentials assignment and to provide other interested parties with a reference document that they can use to get their System Security Policy (SSP) document started.

Applying IT Security Policies & Computer Security Standards

Security policies and computer security standards must be implemented to be effective. This site introduces an approach to easing the problem of organization wide implementation.

BS 7799 Security Standard & Compliance

BS 7799, first published in February 1995, is a comprehensive set of controls comprising best practices in information security. BS 7799 is intended to serve as a single reference point for identifying a range of controls needed for most situations where

Building Effective, Tailored Information Security Policy

20th NISSC Internet Technical Security Policy Panel

C4I.org - Computer Security & Intelligence

C4I.org is a private open-source intelligence clearinghouse covering information security, information operations, and information risk management.

Callio Technologies Canada

Makers of Callio Secura 17799 and Toolkit 7799: BS7799 and ISO 17799 standard for computer security management.

CERT Practice Modules: Improving Security

Determine contractor ability to comply with your organization's security policy.

CERT Practice Modules: Responding to Intrusions

Establish policies and procedures for responding to intrusions.

CERT Practice Modules: Securing Desktop Workstations

Develop and promulgate an acceptable use policy for workstations.

Company Email Policy

Every company needs to establish a policy regarding use of and access to company email systems -- and then tell all employees what it's policy is.

Computer Policies for Employee Handbooks

Proven, affordable, ready made computer security and usage policies covering areas such as email, internet, virus, unauthorized changes, personal use, remote access and laptop precautions.

Computer Policy Guide

A commercial manual with sample policies. Topics include: Email; Internet Usage; Personal Computer Usage; Information Security; and Document Retention.

Computing Policies

The electronic resource usage and security policy for the University of Pennsylvania

Do you have an intrusion detection response plan?

Discussion of what should go into the creation of an intrusion detection plan and the expected results.

Email Policy.com

Learn how to create a company e-mail policy and enforce it using email security software. Also lists sample email policies, books and links.

Enhancing Enterprise Security

This is a solid site with a good overview of all factors which should go into to the design of a security policy.


E-policy is a corporate statement and set-of-rules to protect the organisation from casual or intentional abuse that could result in the release of sensitive information, IT system failures or litigation against the organisation by employees or other part

Group Policy and Security

The use of Group Policy to simplify the network security tasks that you face as a network administrator. With Group Policy, you can ensure that the machines on your network remain in a secure configuration after you deploy them.

Information Security

Discussion of topic with security policies and baseline standards information.

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