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Biometric Resource Center

Biomet.org brings together a diverse and comprehensive selection of biometric information. It provides an extensive web resource for biometric news, products, companies and analysis.

Biometrics comes to life

Fingers, hands, eyes, face, voice, all are in use and could relegate PIN-based security to history (Orla O'Sullivan, senior editor/technology - ABA Banking Journal).

findBIOMETRICS.com Canada

Biometrics Resource Site: Guides and Articles, News, Q&A Interviews and Vendor Directories. Biometric Access/Security and applications explained, daily press releases.

Network Fingerprint Attendance Control

Offers a networked version of a fingerprint door access system that manages numerous access points.

Overview of Biometrics


Review and evaluation of Biometric Techniques

Preparatory Studies, INFOSEC, ETS (EU)

Technical Committee M1: biometrics standards

M1s members are engaged in the rapid development and approval of formal national and international generic biometric standards. Membership is open to all interested parties

The Biometrics Catalog

A US-government sponsored catalog of biometric technologies with an easy to use interface including multiple search options.

Voice Security Systems Speech Processing

Voice biometric authentication.

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