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ActivCard Canada Canada

Offers authentication, network security software, and IT security solutions. Includes white papers and introductory material.


A software-based technology that learns and verifies unique typing patterns. Includes an introduction to biometrics and keyboard dynamics

Flicks Software

Software password protects web content (Windows NT / 2000). Free trial downloads available.

I/O Software

Provider of software solutions, including biometric solutions. Site includes product descriptions and technology licensing terms.


Solaris-style pluggable authentication module support for Linux. Documentation and source code.

Open Systems Management

Password synchronization and role based access control across UNIX, Windows NT and resident applications. Site contains FAQs.

Remote User Authentication in Libraries

Comprehensive collection of resources for libraries and universities. Includes links to software and some links of interest to non-librarians.

RSA Security

Products include token-based one time password systems and single sign on systems. Site contains information on security.

Secure Remote Passwords

Software integrates into existing networked applications. Secure telnet and FTP available. Open source. User and technical documentation as well as source code.


vProviders of tools to e-commerce developers. Site includes a technology explanation and case studies.


Creator of a wireless solution to establish secure internet connections from wireless devices like phones and palmtops. Site explains the system in detail.

Theory of Identification and Authentication

History and development of mechanisms and techniques.

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