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Routing Protocols

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ITPRC - IP Routing

A collection of links to information on IP Routing.

LAN Switching

This case study describes how LAN switching works, how virtual LANs work, and how to configure virtual LANs (VLANs) in a topology that consists of Catalyst 5000 LAN switches.

LAN Switching Technologies and Virtual LAN

PDF file provinding an overview of LAN switching technologies and Virtual Lans (VLANs)


Multiprotocol Label Switching charter at ITEF.

Multi Layer Routing

Integration of Layer 2 and Layer 3.

Multicast Extension to OSPF

This page documents all work on the Multicast OSPF effort within the IETF OSPF Working Group, including links to the most recent Internet-drafts and RFC's.

Multilayer Switching Reference Guide

This reference provides the information needed to understand the terminology associated with multilayer switching products.

Network Address Translation FAQ

Vicom's FAQ on NAT

Networking Whitepapers & Guides

Routing Protocols

Open Shortest Path First IGP (ospf)

The IETF page detailing work on the Open Shortest Path First Interior Gateway Protocol Working Group. The Includes links to all the most recent Internet-Drafts and RFC's.


An article on OSPF

OSPF Version 2

This memo documents version 2 of the OSPF protocol. OSPF is a link-state based routing protocol. It is designed to be run internal to a single Autonomous System

OSPF: Frequently Asked Questions

Cisco's OSPF Frequently Asked Questions

OSPFD Resource Page

Resource page for the ospfd routing software, a complete annotated C++ implementation of the OSPF routing protocol

Overview of Routing between Virtual LANs

This document provides an overview of virtual LANs (VLANs). It describes the encapsulation protocols used for routing between VLANs and provides some basic information about designing VLANs.

Reliable Internet Connectivity with BGP

A book about how to get (and stay!) reliably connected to the Internet using BGP and other techniques

RFC 1163: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Describes protocol specifics such as message formats, error handling, finite states, and versioning.

RFC 1266: Experience with the BGP Protocol

Documents Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) draft standard implementations and their feasibility using operational and production experience.

RFC 1267: Border Gateway Protocol 3 (BGP-3)

Describes version 3 protocol specifics pertaining to message formats, error handling, finite states, and versioning.

RFC 1269: Definitions of Managed Objects for the Border Gateway Protocol (Version 3)

Defines a portion of the Management Information Base objects necessary to manage BGP networks.

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