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Message Services
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AFTN message switching products - Digital Resources, Inc.

The DRI Multi-protocol Message System (MMS) is a general purpose store-and-forward message switching system that maximizes the advantages of modern network techniques.

Ah Goeie

A front-end graphical interface to the Net Send command in Windows NT. Use it to send messages to a group of users or a single station. It's simple, easy to use, and free.

B Labs : Instant messaging and communication solutions

Complete instant messaging and communication solutions for local networks. Bopup line of corporate and secure instant messengers and messaging servers for enterprise networks.

Cross-Platform Instant Messenger for LAN

MacPopUp is a program that allows Macintosh/Windows users to exchange instant messages with other users on any local area network (LAN

Data Mate Communications

Provides hardware and software call-announcing solutions with the Data Mate System and DataTel Call-Announcing software.

Home of ViewPost software

Create professional posters via integrated graphical editor. For display on remote TVs, monitors, etc. Runs on Windows 95/98/2000 NT/Novell networks.

Invisend by Arun Ta - Utility to send messages across Windows NT LAN

Invisend is a cool graphical front-end for the "net send" coammand, used to send short messages in Windows NT based LAN. Features group messaging, nick names etc.


Provides quick and simple internal office communication. Integrated instant mail, chat, message broadcast, and an in-out board that shows if someone is using their PC.


A Linux Enhanced port of Winpopup.

Messageware Incorporated

E-mail consultants, developers, and e-mail software suppliers. Gateways, connectors and directory synchronization for corporate LAN email systems.

Messaging Software

Messaging software including: email software, mail server software, voice mail software, wireless software, sms software, telephony, and other messaging software solutions.

Monitoring Software

Monitoring software solutions including, internet monitoring, network monitoring, computer monitoring, remote monitoring, intrusion detection, stock tracking, building controls, email monitoring, performance monitoring software and more.

Paging and Wireless Messaging Software

Internet paging, email notification, network monitoring and stand-alone alphanumeric paging software solutions for mobile phones and pagers.

VyPRESS Research

Instant messaging and real-time chatting software for LANs (instead standard WinPopup), corporate WANs and intranets. Powerful and easy to use messaging services.

Web Conferencing

Low cost web conferencing and teleconferencing for sharing your PC screen in online training, web meetings, technical support and software demonstrations.

Wireless Messaging Software for Networks

Messenger Net is wireless messaging software of LAN,WAN and Enterprise network users.

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