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File Print Sharing
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Axis Communications

Develops, markets servers enabling users to access and share devices seamlessly over networks

Brooks' Network Printing Solutions

Providing Network and remote/home office users with reliable and cost-effective IP network printing solutions. You will gain power and control that is normally lost with IP printing.

Developer of Volume and File Saring Software.

Sanbolic develops volume and file sharing software with focus on increasing the intraSAN communication for storage area network users.

Elixon NetWare Utilities

NetWare servers security and administration utilities

EpsonShare - The Printer Sharing Solution for Macs.

EpsonShare enables you to share your Epson printer(s) without additional network cards. Use an ordinary Mac as a print server. Maximize the utility of your printers with EpsonShare. Educational site licenses available for schools and universities.

Extrashare Global Information Exchange

A simpler way to transfer and store graphic, audio, and textual data. Data is retained in one location where it is accessible by site members.


A simple and easy way to share files over the internet. Create your own folders and sub-folders, and upload and download files from any location and any system.


Produces X-Server, NFS, FTP and SSH software.

LPD/LPR network printing solutions

Business-oriented software products bridge the network-printing gap between AS/400, Unix, mainframes and Windows printers offering network and remote/home office users control normally lost with TCP/IP printing.

Mangomind - The Business Internet File Service

The Mangomind service combines the familiarity of Windows applications with the power of the Internet to deliver a secure, easy way for multiple users to share and store important business files.

Miramar Sytems

PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98/Me is a PC to Mac connectivity software, including an IP Client, IP Server and Bi-directional printer support.

NetWare Server Mirroring, if SFT III is out of your budget

Here is an easy-to-use, cost effective network mirroring tool that provides fast recovery from server failures and assures constant availability of critical network data.

NetWare servers security and administration utilities

Download network administration and security tools including Screen Pass password screensaver and LinkLaunch dynamic drive mapping utility for Windows NT, Novell Netware and Banyan Vines.

Network Tech - Netware & NT Freeware Tools and Utilitys

Collection of Novell Netware and Micosoft NT Freeware Tools and Utilitys

NFS client and server by Lab-Pro: Pro NFS 1.2

Windows to Unix connectivity solution. Download this NFS client server software.

NFS Client/Server by XLink Technology Inc.

Windows to UNIX/Linux (NFS) connectivity solution provider. XLink is one of the leading developer of NFS Client and Server software for Windows NT, Windows NT Alpha, and Windows 98/95.

Novell Cool Solutions

Informative feature articles; time-saving tips from developers, testers, even users like you; and world-famous Q&A. If we find something we think will help you use Novell products, we'll write it, post it, publish it, point you to it, whatever it takes.

Novell Fans

Information, Tools, etc. about Novell, NDS, Netware

Novell Netware utilities

Netware Files, Utilities, Freeware, Shareware, Demo


Microsoft Office compatible, web-centric documents anywhere, anytime, from practically any device using NuoMedia.com absolutely free.

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