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Defence-Force: Demos page

Description of what demos are, some common effects, who makes demos et.c. Available in English and French.

Hornet PC Demo Archive

The worlds largest PC demo archive with information, links, and downloads.

Orange Juice

The demoscene information center, featuring news, information on people and parties, and a search engine.


Multi-platform database of news, groups and productions. Register here and get your own avatar and the chance to appear in a chart table which rewards uploading and commenting others' work. Nice, cute design.


A site dedicated to the demoscene. At the moment it's oriented in demoscene productions, but promises to provide news, articles, interviews with demoscene people and up-to-date information about upcoming demoparties.

The Story So Far

An introduction to world of computer demos with pictures and links to further information, albeit partly biased towards the Atari ST scene.

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