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An internet and WAP portal, the site provides information and news about WAP, Wap Directory,WAP sites, future technology, links and guides.


ASP and WAP. Moderated list based at ASPlists.com

Austrian WAPguide

News on present and future development on WAP in Austria and the World

Buzzed Mobile

Create and maintain a free mobile internet site from regular web browser. Available to WAP enabled mobile phones, 2-way pagers and PDA's worldwide..

MobileStart Headlines

MobileStart, your newsguide to everything happening within Mobile Computing.

Phone.com Developers area

WAP tools, applications and resources.

Simple WML Tutorial

A site with a simple WML tutorial interface.

Technical Documentation

WapForum specifications, in PDF format, for WAP.


Nokia's own mobile news and resources site.

thozie Info Pages

Introduction to WAP and WML Tutorial. Easy to understand onverview with some additional links and a free WAP emulator link.


Unstrung is an online 'zine that covers the world of wireless data and WAP. Unstrung is focused on technology, lifestyle and people. Has a weekly email newsletter as well.

W3C WAP notes.

WAP Forum - W3C Cooperation White Paper.

WAP for the Mobile World

An introductory article.

WAP Forum

A site for information about WAP, the Wireless Application Protocol.


Covers the mobile internet of WAP and WML with tutorials, references and downloads including a full WAP Development Kit.

Wap-Dev mailing list

Mailing list for WAP developers.


Daily News and Information from the world of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

WML tutorial

An introduction to WML based on examples and demonstrations.

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