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BCR - Mobile Modem products

GPRS modems retailer

Cameo InfoTech

Provides enterprise wireless connectivity apps.

Commentary on GPRS

GPRS - Its Scope and Evolution in India

Communications Consultants

A specialist telecommunications consultancy who provide software design and integration service to manufacturers of GSM, GPRS and UMTS handsets.


This site helps users rapidly setup their "Internet Services" like GPRS and 3G.

General GPRS Help and Support

GPRShelp provides general help and support on GPRS technologies.

GPRS - A Review

Site containing information and links surrounding GPRS technology.


Listing of recent GPRS contracts, tariffs and handsets, along with technical breaddown of classes and coding schemes. Handy site for those in the biz!

Interchange Connexions

Informative site describing solutions for mobile and wireless computing plus wireless email. Contains information on managed security solutions, wide area networking (WAN).

Option Wireless Technology

Option provide universal tri-band GSM and GPRS PC Radio cards.

palowireless GPRS Resource Center

GPRS Resources.

RACO Wireless

RACO Industries is a technology solution provider specializing in data collection for business.

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