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A Look at FireWire and USB

Are USB and FireWire viable technologies for Unix? Rich Morin thinks so. From Sun World.


Tips for using USB and AGP.

Developer - Universal Serial Bus

From Apple's site.


An introduction to USB development.

Everything USB

News and product reviews on both USB 1.1 and 2.0 peripherals and adapters. Also includes a FAQ and USB 2.0 driver update.


USB port speed compared to other port speeds.

Mobile Computing and Communications

USB breaks free of the PC.

Spread Spectrum Scene

Provides tutorial, information links, and recommended reference books on the Universal Serial Bus.

Universal Serial Bus

Information related USB and the USB standard.

Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum

Current revision of the USB spec with all available device class documents, whitepapers and also the compliance workshop checklists.

USB Central

Information, tools, and links to material about the Universal Serial Bus (USB).

USB Device Development Notes

General USB information and links.

USB Explained: Is the Universal Serial Bus for You?

From Orange Bytes.

USB Peripherals Blossom

New options for iMac and Windows 98 users written by Rick Russell of the About.com.

USB Technology

Supplies information, specifications, and white papers on the Universal Serial Bus, which provides an expandable, hot-pluggable plug and play serial interface that ensures a standard, low-cost socket for adding external peripheral devices.


All types of information for USB, products, FAQ, glossary and links.


USB-On-the-Go eliminates PC as the middleman.

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