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Online psion magazine. Also covers Palm OS.

All About ER6

Guide to Symbian Communicators, Mediaphones and Smartphones. Includes Nokia 9210 and 9290.


Palmtop information with an EPOC slant. Articles, hints, user contributed information and news.

Hungarian Psion Users Page

Psion s3a/c, s5 page in English and Hungarian, links, programs.


Source of information concerning Nokia Communicators 9210, 9290, 9110 and 9000: news, reviews, downloads, tips&tricks, faq, and discussion groups. Needs IE 5+ or NN 6+.

nedrichards.com Psion

An overview and beginners guide for Psion's. Includes tips on how to get around the PsiWin program.

Palmtop and PalmUser magazine

News, reviews and features, plus details of free CD-ROMs.

pda vision

A news and reviews site about PDA's, with a Psion focus.

Pinnock Organiser Services

Repairs, servicing, technical support and sales of PDA and handheld computers.

Pocket Info

Public domain information for Psion computers and standard PCs.

Psion Place

An information center for Psion shareware, freeware, reviews, hardware and discussion.

Psion PLC

Psion produce consumer palmtops, PC cards, digital radio's and Psion Teklogix industrial handhelds. Contains news, demos, product guides, and support information.

Psion USA

Official US site for Psion. Information, support and online shopping.

Psion Workabout Radio Network: RFAbout

RFAbout solution allows the terminal range to meet all needs as far as data wireless transmissions are concerned.


A site for users by users. Containing articles on Psion-related issues written by users, information relating to hints & tips and getting the most out of your machine.


An independent Psion resource site, including bookshop and the EPOC DIGEST, an emailed FAQ and information resource.

Psioneers Ring

A ring of Psion palmtop aficionados (all styles/all periods).


The owners of the EPOC operating system that Psion devices and next generation mobile phones such as the Nokia 9210 and Ericsson r380 run on. A joint venture between Psion, Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, and Siemens.

Symbian Pages

Symbian Pages is the wireless community's guide to the products and services for Symbian OS phones and PDAs


A collection of common problems and solutions encountered on Psion EPOC devices

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