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Arkon Resources, Inc.

Car mounting kits for Palm Pilot, Windows Ce, PDA, and other palm held devices.


Leather carrying cases for handheld and palmtop PCs and PDAs.

PDA Panache

A stylus for every PDA and handheld computer. Classic, pen combo, and laser pointer styli.


Maker and direct seller of Compact Flash and I/O cards, PCMCIA cards and adapters, and related products.


An adjustable finger stylus that fits anyone's index finger and allows them to quickly write and tap information into their handheld computer.

Stylus Central

Standard stylus, Multi Pens as well as PDA keyboards and cases for Palm held devices

The Pouch

Manufactures handheld PC or palm-size PC carrying case. Tailored to form-fit the dimensions of the computers with neoprene and nylon.

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