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EPOC Devices
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Online psion magazine. Also covers Palm OS.


Free banking and investment management program for EPOC. The program was the winner of 5Alive's Best Freeware program award.

All About ER6

Guide to Symbian Communicators, Mediaphones and Smartphones. Includes Nokia 9210 and 9290.


Psion emulators, machine histories, new and old programs or sell you psion product. Also a news and chat section.


In-car navigation for the Psion 5.

Dictionaries for Psion / EPOC

Dictionaries for Psion / EPOC. Most languages from English to Hungarian supported.


Mobile computing software developer producing applications for EPOC and Symbian based mobile computers, PDAs, handhelds, mobile communicators and smart phones.

EikonWizard for Visual C++ and EPOC

An Eikon GUI creation wizard for VC5++.

EMCC Software

Software development and consultancy for Symbian machines. Also SiBO games available to download.


Official US site for Psion. Information, support and online shopping.

Freeman's site

A zx spectrum emulator for the Psion 3mx


Freeware for EPOC devices. Applications ranging from games to Mathematics and financial

Freeware for EPOC

Freemem, SetScreen, Locker, CapsView, DataContact, NumLock, CronTab, Macro5, and Blackjack.


Psion Revo freeware and reviews. Over 120 free software listings for Psion handheld PDAs.

Great Ape Software

Games software for Epoc computers such as No Mans Land (Command and Conquor style).

Hermes Terminal Emulator

A good, fast VT100 emulator speaking the Telnet protocol.

Hungarian Psion Users Page

Psion s3a/c, s5 page in English and Hungarian, links, programs.

Huub's ExAbEtAl Site

A homepage of a famous Psion developer (EPOC and SiBO) - Huub Linthorst. Contains the newest versions of his software and links.


Programs for download and information for the Psion.

LEA Netbook Olten

Tools and programs for the PSION Netbook running on LEA system. In german.

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