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Market Research
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Create Survey

Provides a service to create online questionnaires in a few minutes, manage and organize them, and analyze the results instantly.


Internet market statistics, news and reports. eMarketer does a good job comparing its market data results with those published by several of the more well-known consulting groups.

Hitwise Research Services

Carry out Internet research and analysis providing intelligence reports relating to global internet traffic and trends. Includes breakdowns of the top websites in the world and their popularity.

InfoTech Trends - Free Market Research

Provides free access to a database of research statistics for marketing computers, software, Internet, storage, communications, networks, information technology.

Jupiter Communications

Market research and analysis on the consumer online industry.

Killen & Associates

Research specializing in electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP), electronic statement presentment (ESP), and multi-channel e-business (MCEB).

NPD Group

Offers Internet marketing research services, industry tracking, data collection and analysis.

Nua Internet Surveys

Authoritative and widely cited source for Internet statistics covering a wide range of topics with a strong global focus.

Perseus Development Corporation

Offers web and e-mail survey software, Internet survey services and free web polling software.

Red Sheriff

Provides Internet audience measurement and ratings services, website and user surveys, website evaluation, useability and concept testing and research reports.

Red Wing Technologies

Provides market research, engineering & business development services to help grow automation and sensing & control businesses.

The Advertising Media Internet Center

Web site for media professionals. Anyone interested in the activities of advertising media planners, buyers, sellers, and researchers will also find AMIC a useful information source.


On-line communications agency for brand promotion, publicity, launch strategies and audience research.

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