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Notebooks & Laptops
Choose your weapon. ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops are built for real business. They're designed smarter. Engineered tougher. And loaded with features that can save your hide.

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Absolute Authority on Laptops

A collection of useful links and commentary about laptop and notebook computers.

CNET Computers.com

Notebook and laptop computer reviews.

InfoHQ Laptop Buyer's Guide

A helpful laptop purchasing guide, includes: what to consider before purchasing a laptop, recommended laptop features, and hints on buying a laptop. Also, a thorough discussion on laptop, notebook, and mobile CPU's.


Offers relevant news commentary on laptops, notebooks and mobile computers.


Mobile computing products at discount prices.

Notebook Review

Information for notebook and laptop users: News, reviews, tips, downloads, and newsletter.


Wholesaler of used, refurbished and end of line laptop and notebook computers and accessories.

Portable Computing Center

FAQ on buying, using, and upgrading portable computers, especially subnotebooks.


Notebook computer reviews from a variety of sources.

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