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Attrition is an eclectic collection of internet and computer security resources.

Blackhat hacking

Belgian group specialized in computer security, hacking and phreaking.

Cancer Omega

A.K.A. Attrition Group.

Chaos Computer Club

German based hacking group

Cult of the Dead Cow

cDc - The group responsible for the famous "Back Orifice" Trojan a.k.a "BO".

Digital Information Society

Exploit archive, phreaking information, and group member pages.

Eleventh Alliance

Eleventh Alliance - created by hackers for hackers


Group of hackers in the United Kingdom. Information about meetings, projects, and links to personal pages.

Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC

Find out how Kevin can help you protect one of your most vital assets, information, through training, testing, and consulting.

Moloch Industries

New York City based hacker collective made up of sugar, spice and smelly black stuff.

Pulhas WebSite

A collection of current hacker news articles.

Toxyn Technologies, Inc.

Hacking related group.


SoCal's hacking group. Canadian free since 1999.

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