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Little sister of the cypherpunk mailing list. Discussion of implementations of strong, robust cryptosystems.


Tim May's CryptoNotes, and an introduction to the Cypherpunks.

Home of HB9CUF

Encryption and decryption tools and an analyzer to check for the security of encrypted files.

International Cryptography Freedom

Links to crypto download and information from around the world.

Selecting a good password

Tips on how to choose your password so it can't be hacked and how not to choose a password.

Strong Cryptography Links on the Internet

Dealing with cryptography, information security, cryptographers government, commercial, university, and personal sites, newsgroups, publications, programs and applications.

The Black Hat Briefings

Security conferences and training series is the only computer security events to put you face to face with people on the cutting edge of network security or hacking, and with no vendor pitches!

The Munitions Maker Graphic - rsa2d.gif

Graphic to move around -- yes, I am an arms trafficker too.

Why Cryptography Is Harder Than It Looks

Crypto should be pretty simple, right? Wrong.

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