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Fractals by Paul Bourke

Images of several attractors, some Newton Raphson method fractals, L systems and more. Includes programs and explanations how to write such programs

Fractals: Nature's Numbers? Canada

This site explores the relationship between nature and numbers with fractals.

Groupe Fractales

Research group at INRIA Rocquencourt. Research details, publications and software: FRACLAB, Algon, Xalpha, EASEA.

IFS Attractors

Index to Named Fractals.

Introduction to Fractal Lacunarity

Lacunarity is a counterpart to the fractal dimension, and describes the degree of gappiness of a fractal. It finds many uses in ecology, image analysis, etc.

Limit Sets of Kleinian Groups

Graphics, software.

Mandelbrot and Julia Set Explorer

Clark University hosts incredible graphic images and links to fractal and other mathematical methods of imaging.

Mandelbrot Set Explorer

A Java applet for discovering interesting regions of the Mandelbrot Set.

Mathematical Figures Using Mathematica

Robert M. Dickau's page. The "Fractals and Chaos" section has figures of attractors, L-systems in 2 and 3 dimensions, Sierpinski gaskets, bifurcation, and Julia and Mandelbrot sets. Includes Mathematica code.

Newton Basins

Introduction to basins of attraction for Newton's method and the fractals they form.

Sean Reed's Fractal Resource Page

Includes images, information and resource links.


Focuses on the visualization of three dimensional strange attractors. Includes formula derivations and image galleries.

The Chaos Game

This site outlines Barnsley's Chaos Game, in which a random number generator is used to produce various fractals.

The Computational Beauty of Nature

Companion site for the book by Gary William Flake. Contains applets and source code for simulations of fractals, chaos, complex systems, and adaptation.

The Spanky Fractal Database Canada

Large categorized index.

What are Fractals?

Explanation of fractals, along with fractal art and uses.

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