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japanese clipart

japanese clipart and gif animations

16 Color Cinema

Offers visitors a chance to make their own animated movies

3D Animation By Ian Crowe Canada

Project using Softimage XSI 2.01 to create a realistic Boxer dog. Demo Reel of pre production, images, and movie. To view the movie Divx 4 codec is required.

3d Mathematical Models

Collection of FLI and GIF files created from QuickBasic and ported to Acad, which were finally composed in 3D Studio. 3d mathematical models flash, and animated GIFs.

3D Morphing with Underground

Site presents 3D morphing system, and a movie, displaying many morphing sequences, which the system produced.

Bluebrain Multimedia - 3D Animation Studio - Product Visualization, Architectural Rendering, Visual FX Canada

bluebrain multimedia : 3D animation studio specializing in product visualization, architectural rendering, media animation and visual fx

Christian free animated gifs - Free animations - Flash animation

Christian resource site featuring original free animated gifs, free animations, and flash animation. Free logo design service also available, logos are provided as bmp, gif, jpg, png, and psd images.

D.G.'s Morphs

Collection of digital morphs from photographs and other pictures. Animated GIF examples and snapshots of morphs.

Exstream Media

Web 3d using the Tulip system, which delivers real-time character animation, with expressive faces and lip-sync, over slow connections. Some animations are available for free use by others.

Federal Security

Computer rendered movies depict a future history of space combat and humanity's struggle against domestic and external forces, by Glenn Burgess.

Lazy Cat Animation

Official site of the collected animation works of Lazy Cat, created by DiniSink.

Little Red Plane (Animated Short)

Little Red Plane is a short animation done by a group of students from Art Center College Of Design.

Lost in Space

Representative work of an animation, design and effects studio.

Project Darkmere

Work in progress for a computer animated short film entitled "Darkmere".

Q'tZ Animation

Fast fun and free Java animations, easy to use on desktops and web pages.

Star Chronicles

Take an animated journey through space with Star Chronicles, featuring Jonn Serrie's custom score


Animations, 3D images, and interactive java-driven scenes. Animations are stored in AVI files for download.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

Interactive, animated excursions into Nautilus, the submarine in Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

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