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Font Fusion

Bitstream's latest, most advanced font rasterizing engine, a font subsystem that renders high quality characters in any format, at any resolution, on any device.

Fontlab Typography Tools

Fontlab sells software for editing, converting, designing, and manipulating digital typefaces and font families.


Identify a font with the Identifont online typeface identifier. Answer a few questions about the letters in your sample and see a list of typefaces that match.

Insider Software's FontAgent

Puts an end to font related crashes, application errors, unpredictable font output and other serious font problems. Improves your Mac's performance and minimizes your fonts' memory and disk space requirements.

Lose Your Mind Development

Publishers of Printer's Apprentice, a professional font manager for TrueType and Adobe Type 1 font files, and other font utilities for Microsoft Windows.

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