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Beautiful Polish fonts

Polish fonts for Windows in 3 packages - 50, 100, and 200 donts. All packages include Polish keyboard driver and Polish screen fonts.

Fonts In Cyberspace

Wide variety of font links (Non-Roman, Roman, Other) for Windows, Macintosh, MS-DOS and TeX. Also word processing and utilities links.


Commercial site carrying collection of predominantly Middle Eastern, Russian and Greek fonts and software.

Library of Localized Fonts

Localized fonts for the Cyrillic, Baltic, Eastern European and Turkish languages; language support software for all Windows

Multilanguage support in Windows

Microsoft site that describes how to configure windows to use foreign language fonts and keyboards. Links to download fonts for Pan-European, Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages.

Punjabi Fonts for Windows & Macintosh

Punjabi fonts for use in Windows and Macintosh. Site also has some links to other Punjabi font resources.

Summit Info Tech's INDICA : Indian language publishing fonts

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Yamada Foreign Font Archive

Designed to assist users who wish to display or type non-English fonts on their computers.

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