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Short-Cut Keys: Part 1

May 2, 2001
by Albert Kwok

Turbo charge your maneuverability in Windows and applications with Short-cut keys.

Have you ever wonder how those "tech guys" can move so fast between files and programs inside Windows? Here is the Myth -- Short-cut keys.

Ctrl + C - Copy
Ctrl + X - Cut
Ctrl + V - Paste
Ctrl + Z - Undo
Ctrl + B - Bold
Ctrl + U - Underline
Ctrl + I - Italic
Ctrl + Windows Key + F - Display Find: Computer
Shift + Windows Key + M - Undo Minimize All Windows
Windows Key - Display the Start Menu
Windows Key + D - Minimize or Restore All Windows
Windows Key + E - Display Windows Explorer
Windows Key + F - Display Find: All Files
Windows Key + M - Minimize All Windows
Windows Key + R - Display Run Command
Windows Key + F1 - Display Windows Help
Windows Key + Tab - Cycle through buttons on the taskbar
Windows Key + Break - Display System Properties dialog box

Visit here if you want to learn more short-cut keys.

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