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Computer Based Music Recording: USB Interface Controller

February 25, 2002
by Chris Pun

If you are interested in setting up a simple home studio for computer recording, mixing music, and recording quick demos, you gotta check this out. Instead of investing tons of money into recording machines and mixers, I'll show you an alternative and cheaper method of producing your own songs on your computer! Of course there are several ways for computer recording but I will talk about USB Interface Controller type of recording.

Hardware Required:

1. USB Interface Controller

Pictured: Tascam US-428, www.tascam.com for more info.

2. Active Monitors

Pictured: Behringer Truth B2031, www.behringer.com for more info.

3. Your Computer! Preferably P2 or higher with USB.

Connecting it:

Step 1: Connect the controller to the computer
Step 2: Connect the active monitors to the controller with RCA cables. As an option, you can even connect your headphone to the controller.
Step 3: Connect your microphone with either XLR or 1/4" Line input. You can also connect your guitar, bass guitar with 1/4" Line input.
Step 4: Connect your keyboard to the midi ports (optional)
Step 5: Install the controller's drivers and program with the CD provided. (note: Tascam US-428 comes with Steinberg Cubasis VST, www.steinberg.net for more infomation)

Using it:
Turn on the Cubasis software, and voila, you are all set! You can control the mixing of gains, frequencies, volume control of tracks and master volume all from the USB Interface Controller!

Final Thought:
This way, it's fast and easy for beginners of recording and like I said, anyone who wish to do quick demos. There are other types of comptuer recording such as FireWire, DAT, simple audio cards eccetra, those will be talked about later on.

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