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Disabling Scandisk at startup

December 3, 2001
by Chris Pun

For Windows 9x Users

Are you getting bored of having to press cancel everytime your computer boots up when Windows was not previously shut down properly? Well, there is an easy way to disable scandisk from popping up everytime this happens. Just pursue the following 6 steps and you're set.

Step 1.
Go to My Computer, C Drive

Step 2.
If your system files and hidden files are not displayed, click on Tools, Folder Options. Next, scroll over to show "Hidden files and folders", and click on "Show Hidden files and folders"

Step 3.
Locate the hidden MSDOS.SYS from C Drive

Step 4.
Right click MSDOS.SYS, and unclick "Read-Only"

Step 5.
Open the file with Notepad.

Locate the line AUTOSCAN="1"
Change 1 to 0
It should now read AUTOSCAN="0"
Save and Exit

Step 6.
Right click MSDOS.SYS, and check on "Read-Only"

You're now done! Next time your computer does not shut down properly, you will not have to see scandisk pop up again.

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