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Basic Hardware

Information on computer hardware parts. It also includes articals on how to's, hardware review, overclocking, home build PC, and tweaking, as well as links to other hardware-related pages.

capsa casemodding community

Forum about casemodding, hardware and software.

Click & Learn

A complete illustrated guide to the PC hardware, logic and architecture. For teachers, students and self-study. 450 easy-read pages about the modern PC. Understand the basic architecture of CPUs, buses, drives, digitalizing and so on.

Computer Hope

Helping you with all your computer related questions and provide complete information on all PC hardware and software.

Cyberwalker Canada

A computer advice site featuring hundreds of help columns, tips, how-tos and reviews.

Dux Computer Digest

Computer and network how-to articles, technical forums and FAQs, reviews, and news.

Hardware Central

Technical computer hardware product reviews.

Home PC Network

How to's and forums to help home users build, maintain and optimize home PC networks.

Ninja Lane

Ninjalane Hardware Reviews and Casemodding How-Tos, Your complete source to casemodding and niche market computer hardware.

PC 911

Easy to follow tutorials, tips, tricks, and tweaks to understand your PC better and get more out of it.

PC ComputerNotes

Computer hardware tutorials and review questions designed to help the beginning tech prepare for the Aplus (A+) Certification Exams.

PC Lube and Tune

An excellent introduction to PC hardware.

Smart Computing

Tips, guide, tutorial, and reviews on personal computers. Smarting Computing, founded in 1990 as PC Novice, emphasizes tutorial articles and plain-English writing that defines technical terminology.

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