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Computer Science
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CALT Encyclopedia -- Information Technologies

A large directory covering computer science in general and several specific subcategories, primarily focused on software.

ITIL Community

An interactive portal for ITIL professionals, embracing all aspects of the IT infrastructure library.


Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Resources

STORM: Software Testing Online Resources / MTSU

The STORM site is a nexus of Software Testing Online Resources and is designed for software testing researchers and practitioners.

Theoretical Computer Science on the Web

Pointers to papers and pages of general interest to the theory community, theory related software available on the net, upcoming conferences and other information of interest to theoretical computer scientists.


Covers many CS and some non CS topics. Lists just a few major links for each topic.

Virtual Library: Computing

A distributed directory of Computing and Computer Science sites.

WWW Computer Architecture

The page for all the research in computer architecture and microprocessors.

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