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The Internet's IT Directory


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Active IETF Working Groups

A directory of the Internet Engineering Task Force groups in these areas: applications, general, Internet, operations and management, routing, security, transport, and user services.

ASN.1 Information

Abstract Syntax Notation number one is an international standard notation used in describing transmitted data in telecommunications.

Broadband Daily

Publication covering high-speed Internet access, interactive TV, DSL, cable modems, packet-switching

Broadband Guide

On-line resource for products and technologies that deliver voice, data and video.

Data Communications

Online version of the well-respected magazine: source of in-depth information about networking products and services.

Dtool Networking Resources

Includes links and several articles with information on VPNs, tunneling, network delay, frame relay, push technology, and basics of bridges, switches, and routers.

Federal Communications Commission

U.S. government agency for telecommunications regulation.


This is a set of technical resources for network engineers and system administrators; includes whois and traceroute.

Information Technology Professional's Resource Center

Provides IT professionals with a place to locate information on key technologies.

MPLS Resource Center

Info on the IETF's Multiprotocol Label Switching Standard.

Network Computing Technology Solution Center

Includes current technology news articles, and guides for topic areas such as infrastructure, e-Commerce, WAN systems and telephony, and messaging and collaboration.

Telco Exchange

Telco line (ex. T1, DSL, ISDN) price calculator and service locator.

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