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56K.COM - V.90, K56flex, and x2 Modem Page

56K.COM is the ultimate 56K modem resource for x2 and K56flex modems: 56K Modem Newsflashes, 56K Modem Primer, 56K Modem Upgrade Guide, 56K Modem Buyer's Guide, and 56K modem init strings and drivers.


News and information about 56k modems. Extensive troubleshooting section.

Allied Data Technologies

Dutch Modem and ISDN peripherals. Brandnames TRON Tornado Bausch Trident

ARC Electronics

SCADA applications including dial up, leased line modem, cellular modems and wireless

Modems, Modems, Modems

Lots of modem-related resources

Navas 28800-56K Modem FAQ

A comprehensive source of information on modems, emphasizing practical advice on how to select and use them effectively.

Paradyne Corporation

Designs, develops and manufactures broad band modems for high-speed DSL, WAN, Internet access and multimedia applications.


Improves internet performance without hardware upgrades.

Western Telematic, Inc.

Search products or by application on Remote Reboot Units, Remote Port Switches, DC/AC Rack Mount Modems, Fall Back Switching, Telnet-to-Async Port Switches.

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