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Digital Architecture 3d, rendering, animation and modelling online

Array Microsystems

Array sells PCI Plug-n-Play MPEG encoding boards.

ATI Canada

MPEG/DVD decoders, as well as graphics accelerators.

Axis Interactive Design

Develop web sites, print design, & multimedia including Flash animation, Shockwave, Director, Quicktime, CD-ROMs, sound & video.

Digigami, Inc.

Producer of MPEG player and converter software for Windows 95/NT and Power Macintosh.

Flash Fire Designs

Professional 3d services since 1996 including: custom 3d modeling, model conversion, texture map creation, Graphics design, Over 260 3d models, meshes, 3d objects online.

FutureTel, Inc.

Manufacturer of MPEG encoders and software.

Hi Res

Advanced Flash design company. Based in London, UK.


Cutting edge web design, motion graphics, and multimedia presentations.

Ligos Technology

Developers of real-time MPEG software encoding solutions and technology.


MPEG-related companies and organizations.


Software products for playing MPEGs and Video CDs on Windows CE and UNIX.

NRG Design

High end Flash design. The excellent content is worth the long wait times.


Provider of hardware and software that is based on the MPEG standard.

Pure Latin Creativity www.extremedios.com

Locations, filmming in Spain, music, video, audio, mp3, ideas, voices,

Sigma Designs

Hardware MPEG decoders.

Sonic Scape Productions Canada

Specializing in Audio-Visualscapes, Interactive New Media Installations, Music Composition & Sound Design.


MPEG hardware codecs and software.

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