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Abstract Productions, Inc.

Provides knowledge management software based on "simulation of human memory".

Acquired Intelligence Inc Canada

Expert systems can improve your administration, operations and customer support. The ACQUIRE?line of products can build stand-alone or web-based applications that are easy to enhance and maintain.

Agena - Intelligent Solutions using Bayesian Networks

Agena specialises in providing decision support systems using Bayesian methods.


Applies artificial intelligence to information technology infrastructures.

American Heuristics Corporation (AHC)

Products include: Adaptive fuzzy feature mapping, intelligent procurement card system management, preemployment profiler, adaptive temporal correlation network, tax audit screening, expert system shell.

AmikaNow! Corporation

AmikaNow! Corporation - develops, markets and supports AmikaFreedom and AmikaWisdom software, the world's first electronic 'email clerk' using Artificial Intelligence technology.


Automatic Number Plate Systems (ANPS) Limited provide automatic number plate recognition systems for many vehicle security based applications.

Applied AI Systems, Inc. Canada

Autonomous robots and voice systems.

Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc.

Intelligent decision aids, aircraft cabin display systems, intelligent control of automated vehicles, supply chain control system, intelligent systems development.

Artificial Life, Inc

Smart bot application builders.

Ascent Technology, Inc.

Developer of distributed software solutions for resource planning, resource allocation, resource management, and situation assessment. Primary customer focus is airports and airlines.

Attar Software

Data Mining, Knowledge Based Systems and the authors of XpertRule KBS software. Specialists in Expert Systems, Rule Induction and Fuzzy Logic.

BioComp Systems, Inc.

BioComp Systems is your source for neural network based data modeling, prediction, forecasting and optimization solutions. Areas of focus includes: Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical.


Uses artificial-intelligence technologies to prevent fraud in transaction environments such as finance, e-commerce, telecommunications, and insurance. Information on solutions and technology.

Cell Matrix Corporation

Specializing in a new type of hardware and software which allows for the creating of smart and dynamic circuits which can respond to changes in their environment.

Cobalt AI

Cobalt AI provides programming tools for rapid application development of artificial intelligence systems.


Knowledge-centered software creates diagrams and visualizations. Product and corporate information.


Provides tools that determine the subject and content of a document and how it relates to other documents. Information on products and services.

Cyberlife Research

A research, development and consultancy company devoted to the creation of artificial lifeforms. Includes robotic gliders and alife research based on the "creatures" games but now independent.


The Cyc Common Sense product family comprises an immense multi-contextual knowledge base, an efficient inference engine, a set of interface tools, and a number of special-purpose application modules.

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