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Artificial Intelligence
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Imagination Engines, Inc.

Imagination Engines builds neural network cascades that self-assemble into the largest synthetic, cognitive structures in the world. IEI holds all the core patents in the area of building such artificial brains, foremost of which is the so-called "Ceativity Machine" (US Patent 5,659,666).

Applied AI Systems, Inc. Canada

Autonomous robots and voice systems.

AmikaNow! Corporation

AmikaNow! Corporation - develops, markets and supports AmikaFreedom and AmikaWisdom software, the world's first electronic 'email clerk' using Artificial Intelligence technology.

The Haley Enterprise

Specializing in automated reasoning and machine learning technologies for business rule processing, intelligent agents, information retrieval, and diagnosis.

Mindmaker Inc.

Develops artificial intelligence (AI) enabled development platforms and a wide range of AI and Internet enabled applications.

Cobalt AI

Cobalt AI provides programming tools for rapid application development of artificial intelligence systems.

Agena - Intelligent Solutions using Bayesian Networks

Agena specialises in providing decision support systems using Bayesian methods.


The VigiPro solution is a recognised methodology for the implementation of a strategic intelligence process with concrete results and a software using the Intranet/Extranet environment that was specially developed to support all the activities of a strategic intelligence process.


PointServe's vision is to create a new, highly profitable marketplace for services on the Internet, using cutting-edge AI techniques.

Real Time Systems, Inc.

Provides open-architecture-based technology and information management tools for the manufacturing and service industry. Information on products, services, and partners.

Cell Matrix Corporation

Specializing in a new type of hardware and software which allows for the creating of smart and dynamic circuits which can respond to changes in their environment.

SPSS, Inc.

Business intelligence, especially data mining, as well as three vertical markets: survey and market research, quality improvement and scientific research.

Knowledge Systems Design

Develops, delivers, and supports knowledge base systems for business applications using AI technologies. Information on company, applications, technology, and employment opportunities.


Uses artificial-intelligence technologies to prevent fraud in transaction environments such as finance, e-commerce, telecommunications, and insurance. Information on solutions and technology.


Gensym Corporation is a leading supplier of software and services for intelligent operations management. Common applications include quality management, process optimization, dynamic scheduling, network management, energy and environmental management, and process modeling and simulation.

ExpLore Reasoning Systems

Business rule and expert system automation for financial services clients.


Database mining, knowledge-based systems, rule induction, neural nets, genetic algorithms.

Logic Programming Associates

Prolog compilers for Windows and Mac, expert system shell, object-oriented prolog, data mining.

Norsys Software Corp.

Belief networks and influence diagrams for data mining, decision analysis, diagnosis, prediction, creating software agents, real-time control, signal conditioning, sensor fusion, expert system building, statistical analysis, probabilistic modeling and risk management / portfolio analysis.

Cyberlife Research

A research, development and consultancy company devoted to the creation of artificial lifeforms. Includes robotic gliders and alife research based on the "creatures" games but now independent.

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