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ACM's special interest group for Theoretical Computer Science.

Analysis Of Algorithms Home Page

An initiative of attendees of the 1997 Dagstuhl seminar, these pages provide research papers, a bulletin board, and links to researchers and other resources in the field. The focus is on average case and probabilistic analysis.

Average-Case Complexity Forum

Provides an overview, including surveys and a bibliography, of recent work on average-case complexity analysis.


Archives and membership information of an electronic forum for researchers in Continuous Algorithms and Complexity and in Foundations of Computational Mathematics.

Computability and Complexity in Analysis Network

CCA Net aims to provide a central location for collecting information useful to researchers working in the field.

Foundations of Computational Mathematics

A group which sponsors regular meetings on the relationships between mathematical analysis, topology, geometry and algebra and the computational process.

Information-Based Complexity Home Page

Provides information on computational complexity problems in the presence of partial or contaminated information and links to researchers in this field.


An essay on quines, programs which produce their own listing as output.

Theoretical Computer Science on the Web

A directory of resources related to theoretical computer science from Stanford University.

Theory of Computation

Lecture notes for an undergraduate class taught by Leonid Levin at UC Berkeley.

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