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Database Theory
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Arthur M. Keller's recent papers

A collection of papers on database theory and implementation including object oriented and distributed databases.

Bibliographies on Database Research

Searchable collection of bibtex bibliographies on database research.

Data Engineering Bulletin

The quarterly newsletter of the IEEE on design, implementation, modeling, theory and application of database systems.

Data Modelling

Explains the value of data modelling in an application analysis project.

Database Research at Waterloo Canada

Research areas include traditional relational database systems, complex objects, geometric data, text, and real-time data.

Erlangen University Department of Database Systems

Research projects include data warehousing, scientific database management, workflow management, and distributed data.

Theory of Computation Group

The Theory of Computation (TOC) Group is part of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

University of Washington Database Research

Areas of focus include database techniques for the web and the management of heterogeneous and semistructured data, and theoretical issues relating to complexity and query containment.

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