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Electronic Design Automation
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Ansoft Corporation - electromagnetics, field simulation

Ansoft offers state-of-the-art Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software used in high performance component, circuit and system design.

CAD CAM Software for shipbuilding, Alexander Alexanov

SeaSolution software family for ship design

CMP Technology, Inc.

CMP technology provides software package CLIP for pattern density calculation, CMP simulation and smart dummy fill to improve uniformity and yield for cmp process. The software works for aluminum, copper, HDP, CVD and STI.

Electronic Design Automation Consortium

The trade association for electronic design companies. Has links to all member company's sites.

Infolytica Corporation: The Electromagnetics Specialists since 1978

Infolytica Corporation is a leader in electromagnetics design software for both low and high frequency applications.


EDA software and services for component information management, designing field-programmable gate arrays, programmable logic devices, analog or mixed analog-digital circuits and printed circuit boards.

PINEBUSH Technologies - Printing & Plotting Software Solutions

PINEBUSH Technologies is the world leader in high-performance printing and plotting RIP software solutions for the semiconductor (EDA), IC, CAD, GIS, AEC, mapping, scientific, and engineering industries

Synchronicity, Inc.

Develops web-based enterprise and business-to-business solutions for use in and among teams designing complex electronic products.

WSCAD Electronic GmbH

WSCAD for Windows and WSCAD_it are the ideal tools for electrical designers, project planners, engineering offices and service providers, as well as for industrial and manufacturing control engineers.

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